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About The Founder


Dr. Gopal Sethuraman


Gopal has over 29 years of experience in R&D and Manufacturing within the Gypsum industry.  He brings an innovative and hands on approach with expertise in research, development and manufacturing. Throughout his professional experience he has designed  and implemented strategies to improve manufacturing processes, optimize formulations and raw material usages as well as develop new products in a cost-effective manner. 


This consulting firm was created to share his knowledge with his clients and help them succeed in the following areas:


  • Gypsum wallboard Manufacturing processes and optimization

  • Calcination of natural and synthetic gypsum rocks

  • Wet-End and drying processes

  • Development of test methods to assist quality control

  • Optimization of formulations and raw materials 

  • Trouble shooting and mitigating bottle necks via Data Analysis

  • Water Chemistry

  • Crystal Growth Kinetics



EDUCATION:  Ph. D. from Baylor University, Waco , TX

                        Post doctoral fellow at State University of NewYork at Buffalo, NY

                        M.B.A. from University of Texas at Dallas, TX 

                        Green belt in 6 Sigma

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