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Scientific Consulting

Help with innovative ideas to develop new products and improve existing products

 Process development and optimization

Optimize formulation and raw material usage to improve product qualities and cost savings

Trouble shooting.  Identify bottlenecks using DATA ANALYSIS and solve it to improve the process and quality of products

Energy optimization and cost savings

Provide training, tools and teach basic understanding of raw materials and its interaction during the manufacturing process to improve process and quality of products

Waste and reclaim management


Technical Services

Have extensive experience and knowledge in gypsum wallboard manufacturing processes.  Provide help to improve:

  • Calcination of natural and synthetic rocks


  • Improve wet-end and drying process

  • Developed test methods to improve  quality of products


  • ​formulations of raw  materials to improve process  efficiency  and product quality

  • Process efficiency by identifying bottle necks, trouble shooting using Data analysis

  • Energy savings - Drying process

  • Gypsum waste management


Business Development

  • Strategic Planning

  • Cost Analysis

  • Data Analysis

  • Product Development

  • Sustainability

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